19. 3. 2017 maxresdefault It has been almost two years since the premiere of Idyll, Slovenia’s first true horror feature film. Since then, the film has been screened on several international film festivals, and was successfully introduced to world-wide audiences.   More »

Eternal Siesta Is Coming

6. 7. 2016 Sant Cugat Fantastic 2016 Instead of running from a stampedo of bulls, the Spaniards will be running from a couple of Slovenian hillbillies.   More »

Fantastic Zagreb

29. 6. 2016 Fantastic Zagreb 2016 Tomorrow begins the Fantastic Zagreb film festival, featuring Idyll among other carefully selected films.   More »

AICN Horror Reviews: Idyll

11. 6. 2016 Ain't It Cool News Horror Review What separates this film from many of its ilk is that not only does this look different, but filmmaker Tomaz Gorkic has a firm grasp on how to milk a scene to its full capacity for tension.   More »